We felicitate with our country for her 59th year of freedom from United Kingdom. As we celebrate, we call on the Nigerian government to look into the state of insecurity in the country. The Youths political movement; Intellectual Patriotic Youths of Nigeria a.k.a Intellectual Revolutionary Group (IPYN-IRG) uses this to charge the FGN to save Nigerians from pain and agony, to see insecurity improvement as a priority.

The state chairman in person of Catalyst Gbenga had taken his time to call on all Nigerian Youths and Students bodies to stand for unity in all decisions. If truly we love our country and are patriotic as we claim, then love and unity is all we need because a divided nation is a falling nation. A lot have betrayed and sold the future of their followers and up coming generations for selfish interest but let’s check and balance that it all amount to nothing. We have served them enough, they claim to love us but they remember us towards election for thuggery and hooliganism, let’s stop selling our right, let’s secure our future, let’s be a voice to the voiceless, let’s stop betraying ourselves, let’s disappoint their goodies and not ourselves, let’s be a hero and heroine to our younger ones, let’s work in unity and harmony and the time is now.

All concerned organisations/associations who truly desire a great nation should come together to work and make things better . We call on students bodies on all institutions, Youths organisations/associations, all labour unions to stop being a betrayer.

Divided we Fall, United we Stand
Build the Youths, Build the Nation

Long Live Nigeria !!!

Gbenga Adewunmi