Nigerians visits to the United States has drastically reduced following Donald Trump’s administration’s clampdown on immigration.

According to the data from the US travel and tourism office, Nigerians’ visit to the United States as of October 2019 reduced by 34,000, representing 21% drop. This is said to be the largest drop in visits to America, Quartz reports.

The second largest drop was for visitors from Venezuela (17.7%), followed by visitors from Argentina, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

You’ll recall that in April 2019, Trump’s administration introduced a policy that seemingly made visa application harder for Nigerians.

As part of its measures to combat immigration issues, the US came up with a policy to hit countries, whose citizens overstay short-term tourist and business visas with travel restrictions for countries.

In its 2017 Entry/Exit Overstay Report, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security described overstays as those who remain in the U.S. beyond their period of admission and for whom there is no identifiable evidence of a departure, an extension of period of admission, or transition to another immigration status.

A high proportion of countries expected to be affected by the new measure are African countries including Nigeria, Chad, Eritrea, Liberia, Somalia, and Djibouti, according to DHS’ 2017 report.

A total of 19,676 Nigerians overstayed their visas in the U.S. in 2017, representing 10.61%. Just the previous year in 2016, only a total of 12,043 Nigerians (6.34%) that traveled to the U.S. overstayed their visas.